Tips for Effective Articles

in Business

Is the topic clearly focused, manageable and strongly presented in the title and opening? 
Does the article have a title that attracts readers' attention to help them know what to expect in the article?
Does the article contains correct facts and specific details that reflect the necessary research by the author?
Is the subject of the article featured through effective use of anecdote, narration, quotation, humor, and emotional writing?
Is the body of the article clearly organized to develop the topic in a natural way, making it easy to follow?
Does each paragraph have a controlling idea, solid detail, and smooth transitions?
Does the article have a definite and effective ending that satisfies the opening and subject?
Does the article have sentence variety, good word choice, and a consistent tone? 
Is the article concise, grammatically correct, told at the right level of the readership and uses terms consistently? 
Does the article use passive voice sparingly and skillfully?
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