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Many of our member publications produce periodic, comprehensive resource guides for the communities they support. These guides provide expanded information about long-term care, veterans' benefits, caregiving, healthcare, housing, consumer protection, continuing education, access to food, transportation, and much more. Here is a list of directories with publishing date, circulation and contact information as provided by our member publications.

Member Publications

Senior Resource Directory Listings

Directory Name

Contact Name

Publish Date



Beyond 50 Resource Directory (7 separate editions)

Donna Anderson

January 1st

(717) 285-8155

8,000 Per County (Published Jan, Mar, Apr, Jun, Jul, Sep, Oct)

Westchester Senior Voice Annual Resource Guide

Susan Ross


(914) 380-2990

20,000 circulation that we cover Westchester County, NY—the county just north of New York City.

Silver Pages Senior Resource Directory

Gary L. Calligas

March 1

(318) 636-5510

25,000 at 528 distribution locations in Shreveport and Bossier City, Louisiana.

50 Plus Resource Guide

Saran Piehl


(262) 367-5303 ext. 12

25,000 printed and distributed at 100's of locations.

South Shore Senior Services Guide

Thomas Foye

July 1

(508) 212-4862

20,000 Distributed at 400+ locations located in 33 towns south of Boston, throughout the year.

The Montgomery County Seniors' Resource Guide

Gordon Hasenei

March 1st

(301) 949-9766

40,000 distributed throughout Montgomery County, Maryland.

The Beacon Guide(Mesa County, CO)

Kevin VanGundy

December 1

(970) 243-8829

Colorado - Mesa counties

The Beacon Guide(Montrose & Delta Counties, CO)Kevin VanGundyJanuary970-242-8829Colorado- Montrose & Delta Counties

Senior Life Newspapers of IN and OH/KY

Bill Hays

(800) 733-4111, ext 2362


Mid-South 50+ Resource Guide

Jimmy Grubbs

 January and June (Bi-Annual)

(901) 505-0945

25,000 distribution in 350+ Racks in Memphis tri-state area.

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